Learner’s Permit

Kyle’s Dad took him to get his learner’s permit today and here is his mug shot.   He is not happy with it because he said he was trying not to sneeze.  Told him no one is ever happy with their driver’s license picture.

It thought he would be more excited about it than he was as he has looking forward to this day since he was about 2 years old, but with achieving any lifelong dream or goal comes the depression of it never stacking up to what you thought it would be and now that this goal has been reached, what now?

He also said it doesn’t feel like he is a kid anymore, which is true – he is now a young adult and with the privilege of driving comes the heavy responsibility that comes with it.   If you make a mistake it could cost a lot of money in fines, damage to your car, disability and even someone’s life.


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