Review of Chandra Macadamia with Lotus Moisturizer: Anti-aging Blend

I received a free sample (.17 oz) of Macadamia with Lotus Moisturizer: Anti-aging Blend.  Despite the small sample, I was able to get 5 nightly treatments out of the package.

I opened the package and the contents was very rich and creamy and I only used a small amount for my face and neck.  When I put it on I could smell the scent of the lotus in the lotion and as I am not used to face creams having a flowery smell at first it did smell odd, but I got used to it after a few minutes.

On my skin, at first felt “heavy” but it was not greasy and felt somewhat uncomfortable, again, because it was not what I as used to.   As my skin is acne prone I was concerned that the cream would clog my pores and cause a breakout, but it did not.   What I did notice is the next morning that my face and neck were well moisturized even after I washed my face and it did seem like some of the fine lines were minimized.

I liked the results enough to check into how much it would cost to buy and I found it at Amazon for $22.00 for 1.8 oz. but also checks the  reviews on Amazon and they are mixed – 2 people gave it 5 stars and 3 people 1 star.

The people that liked it seemed to like it for the same reasons I did.

Of the ones that didn’t like it, one didn’t like the smell and two other had tried the samples and like them and then ordered the product, but the product they received was different than the sample and described as “thick paste” and “semi-dried caulk” and smell was not similar to the sample but more like “cold cream”.   One customer wondered if perhaps the shelf life had passed, which may have been the case.  Both of of the latter returned the item and indicated Amazon refunded their money.

I am still contemplating purchasing in the future as a winter moisturizer and will follow up to see what other feedback is left on the product over the Summer and Fall.


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