I didn’t even realize there was restaurant in the mini strip mall in the northeast corner of Northcrest Shopping Center until Kyle said one of his classmate worked there. As TGI Friday’s was packed due to it being Valentine’s Day, we went here instead.

It is a cafeteria style restaurant with a limited menu –  burger, hotdogs, grilled cheese, a veggie sandwich (not a veggie burger,  a bun loaded with any or all of the 15 topping they offer), french fries and soft drinks or water.

The burger and fries are put in a wrapper and the fries are put in a large styrofoam cup in a paper bag and filled to over flowing. You can get unlimited topping on your burger and in some areas you can order online for pick up. They also serve free peanuts in the shell.

The food is almost as good higher end restaurant quality without the price and much larger portions. Although is it higher than fast food it is much better than larger portions.

The tables and chairs were wooden and the decorations sparse, but is nice in that it is a place like you don’t feel like you need to dress up to go there. Only drawback was it was hard to find a clean table as it was busy and a very small staff; however, once the serving line died down someone did start wiping down tables.

Overall it was a good experience – it was like having good cookout food and almost like an indoor picnic in the middle of winter.

They do have where you can order online http://fiveguys.com/home.aspx but you must have use a debit or credit card and pay for it online at the time you order.

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