Party Outlet

This is the closest thing I have found to the old concept of “penny candy” from my childhood where I could earn pennies for doing chores and save them up to buy candy at our local “dime store”. They have a huge selection of pieces of candy like Toostie Rolls, pieces of gum, Laffy Taffy and the like for .07 cents a piece or 15 pieces for $1.

They also have a vast selection of party, wedding and Halloween items and on my visit I was greeted at the door, asked if I was looking for anything in particular and told if I found I did have any questions or need anything after just looking as I said I was doing, to feel free to come back to ask questions.

While there was a line at the checkout, it was set up orderly and as soon as a cashier became available they were quick to let the next person in line let them know that they were available.

Based on this experience, this will be the first place I will check for all of my party planning needs.

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