Kyle picked out this movie and I was concerned from the previews that I would be in for another round of the likes of “Superbad”, but surprisingly, I found this to be a good movie.

Andrew is a social misfit with an abusive father and a dying mother and is full of anger and angst and movie is shot for the point of view of his video camera.

His cousin Alex drags him to a barn party where they meet up with Steve, a popular guy they are just acquainted with and they check out a cave on the property and afterwards begin developing the ability to control objects with their minds.

The movie focuses on the relationship of the three young men and it starts out more light-hearted, where they practice using their powers more for pranks or just goofing around.

However, things take a more serious turn as  Andrew’s anger gets the best of him and as his powers grow, so does  his anger.   Although Andrew is the villain in the movie, he is  also portrayed as a misunderstood victim and the audience can relate to how he feels.

It has decent special effects and action with a dark plot twist.   While the movie ends on an upbeat note, it is not really a happy ending.

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