Sinful Colors Nail Polish – “Dream On”

The above is Sinful Colors Nail Polish in “Dream On”. In the bottle it looks like a shiny hot pink, but when you apply it the shade appears darker, more like magenta in color and it has a very matte finish, which I actually like better, but realize not everyone will.

Of all the Sinful Nail Polishes that I have tried, this one chips more than usual; without using any base or top coat, there were chips on both hands within 4 hours, so if you would select this color I would highly recommend base and a few layers of a top coat.

I purchased this bottle when they had a sale at Walgreens for 99 cents, however most of their nail polishes normally run around $1.99, except they now charge more for the most recent color line on the market, which is currently a palette of muted pastels.

According the the list below, Sinful Colors Nail Polishes are cruelty-free

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