Graduation Cake

Although Kyle’s graduation isn’t for another few weeks, some relatives will be heading to Northern Michigan for the summer at the end of the month, so his Grandma Gloria had a party at her house and ordered the cake from a friend that was a baker.

If was both white and chocolate with sugary icing and while originally it was planned that the Edsel on the cake be edible, the shop she usually gets them from refused to do it citing copy write reasons and fear or a lawsuit, even though it is Kyle’s car, he took the picture, I edited it and it was developed at Walgreen’s. They were concerned that it had been taken professionally.

The woman advised the copy write issue has been a problem in the past few years in the bakery industry and impacts what they can and can’t create for a client.

As a workaround, the woman creatively decided make a copy of the picture, laminate it, put it on the cake and decorate around it and created a dream come true cake for Kyle.

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