Ruby Tuesday’s Queso and Chips…one to skip

We went to Ruby Tuesday’s for Kyle’s Birthday and his dad order the queso and chips as an appetizer as they were waiting for me to get there.

Ruby Tuesday’s website indicates this appetizer is:

“Smooth and spicy cheese dip. Served with unlimited crisp tortilla chips

While I have to agree the tortillas were crisp light and crunch, they were also very bland as there was no salt or any other flavoring on them, but I can forgive that as there are many people on salt-free dietsWhat I have an real issue was the cheese dip, which was neither smooth or spicy.  It didn’t have much flavor at all and what flavor it did have was bad.  It was like a combination of cut rate processed cheese with a bit of bargain hamburger and with a few tablespoons of canned tomatoes with the pervasive flavor being the bargain hamburger, which is not what I look for in a queso.  I want my queso to be spicy with jalepenos, fresh tomatoes, a bit of onion or onion flavor and other Mexican spices melded with creamy Queso Blanca.

Although we have loved everything we have had a Ruby Tuesday’s up until now but I hate to say hands down, this is the worst queso dip that I have ever had and at the $7.99 price, it is almost robbery and I would suggest skipping and if you don’t order an entree where the salad bar is included, buy the salad bar instead as it is full of garden fresh and signature salads with a plethora of topping that is sure to please everyone in your crowd.


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