Dairy Queen – Blizzards – Buy One Get One for .99 Cents

I did check DQs website and it is a national promotion from now until 9/23/12 is  “Buy one Blizzard and get one for .99 cents”.

At work we had ‘Waffle Day” and the Fun Committee provided frozen waffles, syrup, sausages and orange juice, which was pretty cool but as an unexpected surprise in the afternoon was they got waffle bowls and soft serve pints from Dairy Queen and there were coupons and fliers for buy one Blizzard and get one for .99 cents.

The  coupon  was only good at one location, which I pointed out to Kyle and when I asked him if he wanted me to buy dinner for him and he grabbed the coupons and said he would meet me there.    I went there and looked for him and waited for  him when it dawned on me that he  probably had been using his selective listening skills and heard “Dairy Queen” and “dinner” and ignored everything else and went to the location closest to our house, which turned out to be the case.   He  started with where the heck had I been when I asked him to read the address on the coupon…”oh, it is for the one on Sherman.’  I had to laugh.

He got a chicken  basket that came with chicken fingers, gravy and fries and said  it was pretty good.   He got an Oreo Blizzard and liked it as well and I tried a Heath Bar one, which I really didn’t care for and won’t order again.   You only get some of the Heath Bar flavor but a little bland – think it would be better with a bit of chocolate syrup and the chunks are hard to get through.


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