Cindy’s Diner

I had purchased a Groupon awhile back for Cindy’s Diner (Corner of Harrison and Wayne Street in Fort Wayne) and we decided to go for brunch, but what I hadn’t considered is there were a lot of activities for St. Patrick’s Day going on and it was packed, so we ended up getting our order to go as it was too chilly to eat outside and there were drunk people staggering around from a bar down the street even though it was noon.

It is a local landmark as it is an authentic 50’s  trailer diner and stepping through the threshold is like walking into the past.   It has barstool seating along the counter only (I think there are around 16 total)  and two metal picnic tables outside.

Most of the cooking is on a large flat top grill, but another attraction is they have the donut machine that had been in another local landmark, Murphy’s downtown department store (which had opened in the early 50’s and closed in early 90’s).

They are best known for their “garbage”, which is a mixture of eggs, potatoes, onion, cheese and  ham mixed up like scrambled eggs, which is delicious.  I used to get it all the time when I worked downtown at the bank.

Today I opted for something different and tried the biscuits and gravy which had two buicuits and they must use Italian sausage as it has a spicy kick, which I love, but Kyle didn’t care for it and quickly passed it off to Marv.

He and Marv got Bacon Cheeseburgers and fries and for around the cost of fast food but with a home cooked taste.   Kyle also had a pie of apple pie and said it was delicious.   I hate making pie crusts so he has never had “Mom’s” home baked apple pie to compare it to, but liked it better than the store bought ones he has had.

Cindy’s Diner

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