First Apartment After College

By: kmom14

Jun 18 2013

Category: Fort Wayne, Kathy


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Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE M550 Digital Camera

The upstairs to this house on St. Mary’s Street in Fort Wayne, IN was my first apartment when I got out of college. I lived in it without a lease from November one year until June the next year back in the mid-1980’s until I took a job in Indianapolis.

It is up the flight of stairs to the right. It consisted of four rooms, two on each side, all being about the same size, with a hallway in the center. On the left was the bedroom and living room, both with hardwood floors. On the right the bathroom and the kitchen and had a small balcony off of the bathroom and I would climb on the roof to sunbathe sometimes.

It was $180 month, which included water, sewage and heat. At the time it was expensive to me as I was making barely above minimum wage, but a bargain compared to some of the other places I had found, some which would have included sharing a house, apartment or trailer.

My first job out of college was an office person at a home medical care company which was mostly answering the phone, filing out paperwork and filing, but left to take a well paying job as a head hunter’s assistant that was short-lived as it was just not the job for me. From there I registered at several temp agencies and worked numerous short term jobs lasting from a day to a few weeks including several factory jobs. Packaging cookies was kind of fun, but boxing up bags of pretzels to keep of with the machine was killer on my back. I finally got a weekend job a drycleaner/laundrymat which is really what kept my rent paid, but sometimes meant I might work weeks without a day off.

I ate a lot of macaroni, Rice-a-Roni and peanut butter sandwiches to be able to go out on the weekends with my friend Mary and sometimes a few other gals to some of the local night hot spots where we would dance, party and scope out men then go to either Azar’s for an all you can eat breakfast buffet.

I went out on a few one date wonders during that period, but only had one boyfriend, Martin, who went to school to be a professional photographer but couldn’t find anything local so he moved to Colorado.
I was always broke, but I would have to say this period was one of the happiest periods of my life.  Sometime I drive by the place just to relive the good times in my mind on a bad day.


2 comments on “First Apartment After College”

  1. sounds like your life sucks

  2. Somehow it turned out to be a cliche country western song.

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