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Sep 01 2013

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Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE M550 Digital Camera

Many reviews I have read describe this as “Men in Black” with zombies instead of aliens and after seeing that have to agree, with a little bit of “The Avengers” thrown in at the end.

The premise is Nick (Ryan Reynolds) a recently slain cop, who stole gold along with his partner Hayes (Kevin Bacon) on his last bust but feeling guilty afterwards, is murdered by his partner when he wants to turn it in and he is given the option of serving on the R.I.P.D. the “Rest In Peace Department), who terminates dead people a/k/a “Dead-O’s” that have chose not to face judgment.  He is reluctantly paired up with Roy (Jeff Bridges) a lawman and sent back to Earth to track down “Dead-O’s”.    The squad room did look eerily similar to that of “Men in Black”.

There were several funny parts and good action scenes and awesome special effects and in the beginning the banter between Reynolds and Bridges worked, but as this was based on what was originally a comic book it was written to be played like that with comic book like characters, and it would  have been much better had the actors not portrayed caricatures of their characters.

It was refreshing to see Kevin Bacon in a villain role and although it as a smaller role, I thought he should have been included in the promotional materials; I didn’t even know he was in this movie until I watched it.

Other things that didn’t work is the actress who played Nick’s wife was too bland and her character not very well developed.   Another was Marissa Miller’s dress was too small and the fit unflattering to the point it was distracting, especially considering they had a Victoria’s Secret model to work with.    Lastly, the ending was way to similar to “The Avengers”, again, with zombies instead of aliens.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and feel it is worth renting, but it won’t be one I will be buying for my video collection.

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