“Scary Movie 5”

Although this is the 5th installment of the “Scary Movie” series that spoofs scary movies, it is sans the Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell and has Simon Rex, who played Cindy’s love interest in the 2nd movie and was killed off in the 3rd movie as one of the main characters in this movie, except none of the characters in the other movies are reprised in this one.

The movie alsostars Ashley Tisdale and her new nose as the female lead, although the little girl that plays Lily, Ava Kolker, steals the show in many of the scenes.

Although prominently featured in ads, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, they only play themselves briefly before at the beginning of the movie. The scariest thing in this movie was how rough Lindsay Lohan looks…she looks older than Sheen ans my son didn’t even recognize her.

This movie basically spoofs three movies “Paranormal Activity 2”, “Mama” and “Black Swan” with a little bit of “Planet of the Apes thrown in, with the latter two not even being a horror flicks, I am guessing trying to draw in a wider audience, but I would have preferred if they had stuck to spoofing horror movies.

Despite its drawbacks, it does stick to being total farce like the other “Scary Movies”, is watchable and does have funny parts.


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