There…its fixed

By: kmom14

Sep 06 2013

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Category: Cars and Trucks

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Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE M550 Digital Camera

This site looks all too familiar.

After my Hyundai was in an accident the crumbled the hood and cracked the windshield, which I replaced for $500.  A week later while driving on I-69 the  hood flipped up while driving and cracked my brand new windshield.  After that instead of using straps to hold the hood on Marv drilled holes and bolted it down to the car, thus the car’s nickname of “Frankenstein” was born.    People would come up to it in parking lots with puzzled looks as the bolts stood out several inches and they were trying to figure out what was up.

The hood latch has since been replaced, but not hood yet as have not found a good one from a salvage yard yet so it still has holes where the bolts used to be.


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