Another name for this movie should be “Eli Roth should stick to directing”.

He directed horror greats such as “Cabin Fever” and “Hostel II”, yet in this movie, which he co-produced and wrote, is lame by comparison.

The movie is about two men, one being Roth, who is the “Gringo” which have a rich, charismatic friend in common in Chile.

The first 20 minutes are a mash up of the friends that are supposedly having fun and meet 3 girls, two that are half-sisters, that they want to hook up with, except for an earthquake interferes with their plans.

The movie doesn’t remotely become interesting until just before the earthquake happens and the sisters get into an argument over the younger one’s out of control behavior.   Not only is there a hazard from the aftershocks, there are looters in the streets and there is added danger as there was a prison nearby where many prisoners escaped.

A big distraction in the movie is from the last club scene on, it has the look of a  budget Hollywood set, not a real situation.   It might have worked better if the director had taken a gritty reality approach like J. J. Abrams did in “Cloverfield” where it was shot from the perspective of one of the characters or the low budge movie “Monsters”, where they could have filmed it in an area that had recently had an earthquake.

On the plus side, I can say that it was not totally predictable and the story does tie in some of the elements discussed earlier in the movie.

If you have Netflix, this is available as an option watch.


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