New Toilet

By: kmom14

Sep 28 2013

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Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE M550 Digital Camera

Marv had noticed my commode had one of the bolts lose and was going to replace it, but found a crack in the base and recommended replacing immediately as it could flood the house if broken completely so I called my landlord and he approved getting a new toilet.

Although Home Depot indicates they have over 600 styles of toilets available, there are limited options in store and Marv said the one from Glacier Bay was the best option. It is a 2 piece High-Efficiency Dual Flush complete with elongated toilet.

He chose it because the cheaper ones he has had problems with because there doesn’t seem to be any quality control and they are warped and it hard to get a decent seal and thing like what happened to the toilet that was here before and the bolts wriggle lose. It also has a larger base so less chance of clogging and it is “green” as it saves water and has an for 1 for a light flush and 2 for a heavier on on the top of the toilet.

In this picture my son loaded it on the hand cart and my taking a picture led to a major argument when we got out to the van advising I did not have his permission to take his picture; I told him I don’t need as I am not posting for profit and besides, that I am his Mom and he is a 20 year old and not paying rent and his only household duties are taking the trash out every Monday and occasionally doing the dishes (most of which are his).



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