“Empire State”

Despite “The Rock” Dewayne Johnson being prominently featured on the promotional materials, he (and Emma Roberts) are only supporting roles in this movie based on a true story.

It is based in the early 80’s and is a story of two screw up friends that steal millions of dollar from the vault that one of them, Chris (Liam Hemsworth) was being paid to guard at Empire State (an armored car company)after screwing up and letting his partner when he was an armed guard get killed.

His even more of a loser friend gets into cahoots with to minor gangsters and decide that those millions were  not enough and decide to go into business with Columbian drug dealers, but are ripped off.   Meanwhile the mob in the area is honked off because they were cut out of the action.   Johnson plays the cop that is on the case and knows Chris and his buddy did the heist but has to prove it.

While the movie tries to make us sympathetic to Chris and friend and them being victim of circumstance being stuck in dead end lives I couldn’t muster up any sympathy for them whatsoever.    The self-entitlement for something they didn’t work for sickens and disgusts me.   That it is based on true story, even more so.

I would recommend skipping movie entirely and renting “Pain & Gain” instead, which also has Dewayne Johnson.




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