Quality Inn, Airport, Indianapolis

I posted a review on Trip Advisor so won’t rehash it here.  It has it good points and its bad, the bad.

The room we staying in was clean and comfortable.  Cathie inspected the beds to make sure there were no bed bugs before we got settled in and figured out how to get two twin air mattresses in the room and enough seating to play board games by moving the table in between the two beds.   She is a genius at figuring stuff like that out and had it done within a few minutes.

There were 3 pillows on each bed instead of two, which was nice and a padded blanket along with a comforter on the bed.  It had a microwave which we was used to pop popcorn and a small fridge we filled with water bottles.

The breakfast bar has a wide variety and kept well stocked, but cramped.   There wasn’t enough seating in the dining area and I ended up eating in the lobby on the couch with a high school bowling team.  The coach was telling them “their legs were their tires” and oil lane ratios, they were more into saying who talked in their sleep and who was a bed hog.

 The  big down side was being the lack of parking/reserved parking and the clerk threatening to call a tow truck if we parked in a “reserved” spot at 2:30am when there was no other parking and told us to park at Waffle House (which was next door) which is why I would not stay at this location again or recommend it to others.

It had a pool and a hot tub, but only open from 10am to 11pm and although that was the main reason this hotel was selected, we didn’t end up using it.


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