“The Purge”

This was a rental from Family Video and although I had heard it was a lesser version of “Panic Room” in many ways I liked it better than that movie.

It is based in the future, 2022 and centered around a family headed by James Sandin, who sells security systems to rich people to protect their homes during “The Purge”, a 12 hour time period once a year where all crime is legalized to prevent crime throughout the year.  As Sandin is a salesman of these security systems that have afforded him a luxury lifestyle, he and his family are in support of the “Purge” because they are safe and snug in their own security protected home.

It is “Purge” night and the family is settling in, except the teen daughter’s boyfriend snuck in ahead of time and his solution to the dad not allowing her to date a twentysomething older man it to kill him and his son, who has a stronger moral compass than the rest of the family, lets a homeless veteran into the locked down home when seeing his is being chased, which set the family home up as being a target by rich young people who are hunting the less fortunate on “Purge” night and find security systems are more a piece of mind sales pitch and like reality, locks only keep honest people honest, but true criminals will go any lengths.

I can understand why younger audiences that expected more gore might be disappointed, but I found the horror to be much more subtle as it deals with internal morality and what people might be like if they had the choice of committing an unpublishable crime, including murder for even a short period of time.

It did have enough twists and turns to keep in interesting and I would recommed it for adults, but is too heavy of a subject matter for those that are younger.




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