Basey’s Downtown Grill & Spirits

By: kmom14

Oct 22 2013

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Category: Indianapolis, Stuff that makes me sad

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Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE M550 Digital Camera

Basey’s Downtown Grill & Spirits was across the street from a gas station we stopped at for gas while in Indianapolis.   We didn’t go in, but I took a picture of it due to my new obsession with cute little buildings and tiny houses.  It is behind Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis

The gas station was a Speedway, but what was most memorable was the guy ahead of us spending $118 in lottery tickets.   It bothered me as gambling has ruined many relationships in my life.

My Mom said my dad had been a drinker/gambler; from what she told me, him coming home and peeing in the oven would have been the final straw for me, but for her it was when he stole money she had left for the milkman.

Back when I was a baby in a small town,  a guy would deliver fresh milk in bottles every week.  The guy knocked on the door and told her he couldn’t deliver to her anymore due to payments being so far behind.  She was perplexed and told him she left payment in the box every week and was current; he advised she was behind $98.   She found out my  dad had been taking that money every week and gambling with it and that was the next to the last time I ever saw my Dad.

I am not preaching total anti-gambling.  Jjust saying don’t plan your retirement or have your life’s goal be based on mere chance.   If you truly want something in life set that as a goal and have a plan to get there based on working toward that goal.

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