“Bounty Killers”

As indicated in the front “The Road Warrior meets Kill Bill”  is an accurate assessment, but with a little bit of “Tank Girl” and more of a late 60’s early ’70s comic book feel (it is based on a comic book).

Kyle picked it out when I asked him why he sited the gal’s cleavage (who sort of looks like Angelina Jolie) and the Mustang on the cover.

Although it touts Gary Busey, Beverly D’Angelo and Christina Lokken on the cover, there roles they have very little screen time; the movie is centered around Matthew Marsden’s “Drifter” and Christian Pitre’s “Mary Death”.

It is another “after the Apocalypse movie, but in this one it is  20 years since the corporations took over the world’s governments which led to wars leaving society to waste and the rebels,  the Council of Nine, have taken over and issued death warrants with a bounty for the white color corporate criminals.  In this society the “Bounty Killers” have the status of rock stars in this desert world with the top one being “The Drifter” and the gal with the cleavage “Mary Death”, which we find out later in the movie she is his former lover/protégé, after she runs away from a gypsy cannibal tribe.

It  does feel like a remake of  some of the “Road Warrior” movies if directed by Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez  type movie  with the styling sort of like   “grindhouse” movie and the way the story is told, but not up to par with them as far as execution as the movie seems to stall in places.   The only thing that saved the movie from being to dry was the sidekick/gun caddy who provided the comic relief.

I am biased as I am a fan of most of  Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez and the “Road Warrior” movies and albeit this is a lesser version of those movies, so some of their almost rip-offs of those types of movies was enough to keep me entertained, although overall it was a little too over the top gory and violent for my taste , it is still watchable and better than some of the “after the Apocalypse”  movies I have seen lately.   My son liked it for the same reason he chose to watch the movie; the gal’s cleavage and the vehicles.

This is rated R and gory and would not recommend to those under  17.


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