Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

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Today was Kyle’s surgery to remove the tooth that had caused the infection.  We were advised we would have to pay 50% upfront (around $76).

I felt better about him going to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates after the fella that works in front of me at work advised he had been their before to have his wisdom teeth out and they did a great job.  He said the setup is more sophisticated than a regular dentist or doctors office, but not quite set up as well as a surgery room at a hospital.

We arrived a little early for our 8:15am appointment and I was displeased that they did not have the 3 page new patient form on their website that I had completed the prior afternoon.   They did see that it had been completed but had to call another of their offices to access it.  I would think the office that handles this would pull off the info first thing and send it to the locations or just have it so the different locations can access it so we had to start completing a new set of forms.  I do have to give the receptionist credit for continuing to pursue as she did obtain them when we were about halfway through the new set of forms.

Originally we had decided to go with nitrous gas but after the fact Kyle advised he had opted for just a local anesthesia as he asked how much the nitrous gas cost and it was an additional $500.   I imagine he was thinking about how much that equaled in car parts or tools he wanted and accepted the virtual bullet of going with a local when he knew with the infection how painful it would be.  I am no wuss, but I don’t think I could have handled it.

The surgeon said he was had a tough time getting the tooth out as it had six roots instead of the usual three and had to cut out the infected parts around it.    They had him lie on a recovery couch in an area off of the hallway.  They had blankets to the side and he was cold so I put it over him while he waited for some of the bleeding to subside.

The dental tech checked him about 10 minutes later and gave us a baggie of gauze pads and advised to change the gauze every 20 minutes and today only eat cold, soft foods.   The surgeon popped out of the surgery room and advise to keep heat, not cold on it because of the infection to help it drain.   He was give a prescription for a pain killer and is to go back on Monday to have it checked.

It probably took longer to get the prescription for his pain medicine at Meijers than it did to get that done; we were out of their in a little over an hour.

He was understandably cranky the rest of the day, but surprisingly the pain meds only seemed to rev him up instead of knocking him out and we argued about him not driving while on them because he wanted to go to work as Danny was scheduled for back surgery the next day.  The compromise was that I would drive him down there for a brief visit, but not to stay and if he wanted to run around that night he couldn’t take the pain pills, which he opted for.


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