Rachel Ray Dog Food

By: kmom14

Nov 25 2013

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While browsing the aisles at our local Meijer Supercenter I came across where Rachel Ray now has a line of dog food called Nutrish wet food in six different flavors (pictured is “Hearty Beef Stew Recipe”) .

I have to admit it creeped me out a little as it looks similar to find to microwavable human food.    Just keep recalling in head the story of one of my Mom’s co-workers coming home drunk thinking he had come home and heated up some corned beef to find out in the morning it had been Alpo.

Second thought was that just because she might be good with people food doesn’t mean she knows diddly about dogs.

I did check into it more and of course on Rachel Ray’s site it does sound like there are healthy ingredients, more so in the dry dog foods that the moist ones,  and there are both positive reviews.   In checking further, Walmart that has 204 positive reviews out of 232 while Amazon.com had 9 negative 1 star reviews out of 15.    Some reviews say a problem was solved with eating her dog food, other that the food caused a problem.

Like anything else it would be one of those things you would have to research for yourself and decide it you want to consider trying depending on your budget, the size of your dog and how much you want to pamper your pooch.

True, when my cat “Baby” was spoiled and I used to feed moist cat food or meat baby foods she was always a nervous animal and it impacted her digestion.  On the other hand, Kyle’s 1st dog, Maxx, a 98 lb German Shepherd seemed to thrive on whatever he ingested, be it dry dog food, parts off Power Rangers, my shoes and “cat box crunchies” from the litter box; his big treat item was a bowl of milk which he scarfed down in less than a minute.

 The $1.89 for an 8oz tub is a bit pricey, especially since it gone in two bites by Kyle’s dog Letti who is nearing the size of a small pony.    For the price I could pick up a can of Progresso that would be about 12 ounces.

 For now Marv and Kyle will just stick to the “Kibbles and Bits” as that seems to be the one food both dogs will eat.


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