R.I.P. Paul Walker

It was with great sadness to hear of actor Paul Walker’s passing today.

 From the media reports, he had been attending a charity event for his event for a charity he founded Reach Out Worldwide, a wolwide quick-response, mobile first aid organization to assist in the  rescue and recovery after major natural disasters and he was the passenger in a Porche that went out of control and hit a tree and resulted in a fiery crash.

He was one of my son’s favorite actors dating back to “Meet The Deedles” but solidified after the “Fast & Furious” movies came out.

A few years ago when hanging out at the local lot one night my son did meet a guy who had actually sat next to Paul during a flight and said he was the nicest, down-to-earth guy you would ever want to meet and a total gearhead in real life, he loved had a true passion for cars.   When asked if he would be in future sequels for the Fast & Furious movies, he said that he would be honored it if they would have him.   Sounds like a very humble guy.

My heart goes out to his daughter, family, friends and fans.   During his brief stay on this Earth he touches the lives of millions and the world is a better place for having had him in it.


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