RIP Evan Joseph Gordon

Last week Kyle found out Evan, who was a “car buddy” and part of a group of car enthusiasts that meet in various parking lots around town, was killed in a car accident last Wednesday and Kyle and another of his friends attended his funeral in Payne, Ohio today.    Evan was only 24.

I never met him but Kyle said he was well liked.   Kyle and a friend drove to Payne, Ohio for the services  and he and many others ended up standing in the back of a large Catholic Church during the services as the seats were all full.    Everyone went to eat a restaurant afterwards but Kyle said he wasn’t hungry and he also didn’t feel much like talking about it.

I did buy a pizza and a Blizzard from Dairy Queen after I got off work  to try to brighten his day a little and we watched a few episodes of “Touch” starring Kiefer Southerland and his autistic son who in the story is one of 36 people in the world that have a gift of seeing through numbers and bringing people together as part of God’s master plan.

My heart and prayers so out to his family.  It is so hard to lose someone who is so young.


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