Grocery Shopping at Meijer

I keep swearing off Diet Coke, but when I saw in the online flyer they had it on sale for $2.98 each if you buy four instead of making the pitcher of tea like I had planned, I went to the store instead.

Meijer always has many of specials on pallets in the center aisle so they are easy to find and unlike other stores that do this, there is still plenty of aisle space.   Another thing I like is you don’t get hassled when using coupons like you do at Kroger or Walmart.

One thing I don’t like is the milk is located clear at the back of the store and all medications and personal grooming items are on the opposite side of the store.   Another thing I don’t like is most of the lanes are the self-checkouts, which are fine if you have few items, but a nightmare if busy and you are trying to bag your groceries while getting the stink eye from the person behind you, even though they do have a bar you can put up to separate the orders, it doesn’t give you very much room.


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