“Fast and Furious 6”

Fast 6
Although fast paced with lots of action, it was sad to watch this in light of Paul Walker’s recent passing, but Kyle selected this to rent at this is his favorite movie series.

This picks up after the last movie (which sequentially would have taken place before Fast and Furious 3, Tokyo Drift by the way the series has been written) and it turns out that Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) didn’t die in the last movie after all, but lost her memory of the life before the accident and now is driving for the bad guys.  Because of this, and their skills as drivers, Hobbs (Dewayne Johnson) hires Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker)  to go after the head of the gang (and win back Letty) and in exchange offers them amnesty to return to the US.   To pull this off the recruit their buddies from films past and they get the same deal.

Although the plot and some of the dialogue is a bit far fetched, it does have cool cars and good chase scenes with a nice dose of drama.

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