Chrome Plated Diner

PicMonkey CollageThis was our first visit to Chrome Plated Diner, a newer restaurant located in a strip mall just South of Coliseum Blvd. on North Anthony Street where I had only recently heard of it and think it has only been in business this year, but also heard their pie was fabulous.   It did live up to that reputation.

The decor has a retro 50’s vibe with white and black checkerboard floor, red on the back wall and red chairs and bar stools with a counter.   There are approximately a dozen booths and a dozen tables and three seats at the center counter and I believe five at the rear counter.

On the walls were a car door and fender off and older car, some old LPs and pictures wrapped in wrapping paper as it is close to Christmas.    Even so, the decor seemed a bit sparse and could use more memorabilia to spice it up.

We went for lunch at noon  and it was a “seat yourself” environment and sat at the only table that was available, which was near the counter to the left.   As a tip, if it is a cold day, if there are seats farther away from the door head towards them as you get a blast of cold air every time the door is opened if it is busy even though there is a set of doors and a few feet of flooring between the interior and exterior doors.

Our waitress acknowledged us as said she would be with us in a minute.     She came back and took our drink order and left menus and said it would be a few more minutes, which we advised was fine as we did not know what we wanted.   I saw where they served breakfast all day so I decided to order off of that menu; Kyle as in the mood for a sandwich so he went looking on the burger and sandwich menus.

One reason for the delay is the waitresses were also doing double duty and also being a cashier.    There were 3 waitresses and one cook and one busboy/dishwasher, which for the size would be appropriate if all are experienced, but was lacking was any presence of management, which should help out in expediting orders, jump on the grill or ringing up customers.    Even so, I didn’t see anyone “slacking”; all seemed mature, professional and on task.

I ordered a big breakfast, which was 3 eggs, choice of 2 strips of bacon or sausage and hash browns, biscuit and gray and choice of pancake or toast for $8.95.  The entire top row of pictures is the breakfast; it is almost enough for two people.

Kyle ordered one of their burgers – it was named after a car so he thought it was cool, but don’t recall which one. I did hear another table ask about what the special was and I heard our waitress advise it was baked spaghetti; until then, I didn’t know they even had a special.   Most places that do have specials  advertise it on a menu board, on the menu itself or a standee on the table  and the waitstaff points it out and recommends it, as it helps expedite table turnover during busy times as it should be a simple matter of dishing it up as it is usually on a steam table.

It did take awhile to receive our food and a first I only received the first plate. I ordered the eggs over hard and they were perfect; they didn’t have a strange taste like you get at some restaurants due to the oil they use to cook it and it wasn’t too rubbery.   The hash browns were well done and crispy.  The bacon was pre-cooked and heated up and I would have preferred fresh, but at least it was crispy and not greasy.

Kyle liked his burger and fries,  the burger thick and juicy and the fries fresh and crispy.

A few minutes later the waitress brought out the pancake and syrup and I said I thought it came with biscuit and gravy also; she apologized and said she it was coming out a piece at a time. A few minutes later I received the biscuit and gravy.   I was overly full after eating it (I didn’t eat dinner;the meal was that filling) . The biscuit was a “drop” biscuit, which is where the batter is spooned onto a baking sheet instead of rolled and cutout comes out bumpy.   Kyle had to ask what it was as he had never seen one before.   It had a good flavor and consistency.   The gravy was ok and was thick with bits of sausage, but not as rich as what I make it at home (I use milk or half and half instead of water).

Kyle had room for dessert and ordered the banana creme pie.  He is tough critic but said it was delicious and the restaurant lived up to it reputation for the best pies.  The pastry was light and flaky and the pie didn’t just have banana creme pudding in the center topped with whipped topping like most do; it also had slices of fresh banana mixed in and it must have been made fresh that morning.

Overall the food was good and we do plan on going back, but not during lunch if we are working as it was an 1 hour and 15 minutes from the time we went in to the time we left.   I definitely want to go back to try their pies.

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