Homeless But Blessed

Picture 851

Sadly, this is a sign of our times.  When shopping at K-Mart South (which is closing at the end of this month) and the McDonald’s across from Walmart on the south side of town at the intersection of South Anthony and 27 South  I spotted this man holding up a sign saying “Homeless But Blessed”.   As he is not asking for anything, it is not considered panhandling and therefore is legal.

We had a discussion at work recently as there are some scammers in town that are not homeless but hang out at busy intersections or businesses.    On guy that hangs out near Glenbrook Mall and wears camo-military looking garb on North Clinton actually lives near there and it is  rumored that he hangs out long enough to get beer money.   Another woman that was dressed in clean pink clothing was in front of Meijers and gave me a dirty look instead of thanking me for giving her $3.

I no longer give people cash, but sometimes buy food.  Those that are truly in need are thankful.

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