Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

This year we just had a low-key Christmas at home, opening presents that had been placed around our Charlie Brown looking artificial tree with no ornaments on as they overwhelm the tree that truly make it cartoonish.

Kyle is trying on his new Ford jacket and Marv is grasping his new toilet bowl mug (a present for Kyle).

I was surprised by a new-to-me used computer.   It is a current year’s model that Wayne’s got for his wife but she didn’t like it.   Once I get it set up I am going to love it, but it is too nice to put on my falling apart desk so will get a new-to-me good used desk off of Craigslist.

For lunch instead of the usual fare of Ham or Turkey I used a recipe from on steaks for copycat  Outback Steak House steaks, which turned out flavorful but not overly so.   I didn’t even use steak sauce on mine.

I also made Buddy’s Mashed Potatoes (Buddy Valatro, “Kitchen Boss”/ “Cake Boss”  using instant flakes instead of Yukon potatoes and the cream cheese in them made them a little shiny and creamy like fresh mashed potatoes and  Marv and Kyle didn’t know they weren’t until I told them.

I also made up country gravy, corn, rolls with my Grandma’s Smith’s butter recipe and a Coconut Cream Pie for dessert.

We rented and the movies “Wolverine” and “Book of Eli”.

I like the X-Men series but didn’t really care for “Wolverine”.  Fans seem to disagree and feel that it could revive X-Men and take them in a new direction; if this is the new direction, I don’t plan on following along for the trip.   Logan  returns to Japan to pay homage to a mentor that has died only to find out he wanted to use Logan’s healing gift to allow himself to live forever, love scenes with no chemistry between Logan and the mentor/bad guy’s granddaughter, lots of unnecessary killings, and the introduction of the only other mutant in the movie, Viper,  who sucks the life out of people (similar to Rogue) but also able to transfer Logan’s to the bad guy after kissing him and putting a spider-like thing in his chest.    The fight scenes seem a little over-orchestrated, but the bomb at the end going off special effect was cool.

“Book of Eli” was one that we had seen before, starring Denzel Washington as Eli, a man making his way across post-apocalyptic deserted world when he encounters the bad guy, played by Gary Oldman who has been seeking a sacred book (the Bible)  that Eli possesses that has the potential to save the world.   Eli teams up with Oldman’s character’s daughter, played by Mila Kunis (which was miscast as the role was to be for a girl, not someone in their late 20’s as Kunis was when it was made) to continue his journey to its destination, the former Alcatraz prison in California.  It does have a little surprise twist at the end and overall a decent film, but does seem to drag intermittently.

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