Ford Hoodie

Ford Hoodie

This was a Christmas present for Kyle and he loves it.  It has a vintage-like Ford with a V8 logo  and Licensed by JH Design Group.  It  is a black cotton hoodie with Sherpa fleece lined and very thick and warm.    It has a zip front with two pockets at the bottom and a Ford logo on the right side.

I am sure it is available elsewhere, but I  purchased on Ebay with a “Buy It Now” option for $49.99 with free shipping.

It does have one defect though; the zipper zips on the opposite side of what a Men’s zippered hoodie normally would, which is no big deal to us, but something to consider if buying from bestbuy2703  and the price you want to pay, but for my  son it was a priceless Christmas present.   I had shopped around as he needed a new hoodie; the cheapest I could find that was Sherpa fleece lined was around $30 but plain, solid, black; but it was well worth the extra $20 to me to get one that was special and what my son would love.

Note:  I am a retail customer giving a honest opinion on a purchase made at list price on E-Bay.

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