getawayIt is like “Saw” meets “Fast and Furious” combined with Rebecca Black’s “Friday”.

It is set in Sofia, Bulgaria, but the plot is similar to “Saw”, where Brent (Ethan Hawke), a former race car driver’s wife’s is kidnapped and he is ordered to steal custom Shelby Super Snake Mustang and ordered to perform dangerous and unpleasant tasks, the carjacked by what turns out to be the owner of the car, who’s Dad is CEO of a company.

The plot is lame and Selena Gomez plays  a whiny, annoying, spoiled brat that is not believable or likeable.  Ethan Hawke, whois a  good actor,  did the best with what he had to work as far as the script and movie is a bomb for the average movie goer.

However, if you are into cars like my son is, this is an exciting must-see film as the true star of the movie is the the Shelby Cobra Mustang, with its video game-like over the top chase scenes and over-abundance  jump cuts.

Most of the movie is from the perspective is from the view of the auot and the action scenes were over the top.

While I am not a chase fan, I was impressed at the driving towards the end when it seemed to be filmed from a dash cam and was real stunt driving with many real (yet orchestrated like a symphony)  barely missed hit/crash moments.   For those few minutes of footage it was worth it to me.

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