“What Does The Fox Says” Book by Ylvis


For those of you that just can’t get enough of the Youtube  child’s storybook viral video by a Norwegian comedic duo comprised of brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, there is now a book based on the song.

A co-worker described them as sort of the Norwegian version of Weird Al Yankovic.

He said they had another video out there called “Massachusetts”, so I checked it out that video.   The first part it almost seems like an promotional video for for the State until unexpectedly they throw in a line that caught me in mid gulp of my Diet Coke where I sort of spontaneously choked, spewed and had it coming out my nose.   Kyle popped his head out of his room and asked it the song said what he thinks it said and I nodded yes, which is thought was funny.    If “Massachusetts” was a movie, it would be rated R, so don’t play this one in front of your kids just because the “Fox” song is childlike.

If you haven’t heard the song or seen the video is  here and it is sort of an catchy, annoying techno-dance mix similar to the “Saftey Dance” by Men Without Hats was in the 80’s, although they are usually compared to fellow Norwegian group “Ah Ha”, another 80’s techno dance group that had the cartoonish one hit wonder “Take On Me”.

I didn’t read the entire book, but it did look quirky and childlike and if your child likes the song, the are probably going to like the book too.

This was for sale at Kroger by the door of the store that I went to, but I it is also available Barnes and NobleAmazonWalmart and I am sure, numerous other places.  The prices range from around $10-$12

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