New Year’s Eve and the 4 Drawer Cart


Originally we has planned on seeing a movie and/or going out to eat for New Years Eve but it got late and decided just to watch something off of Netflix and eat in.

As Marv is a tinkerer and I had purchased the cart on clearance at K-mart (they have one similar in blue (on their website here) I decided to open the box up and pull one of the drawers out a little and left it by the side of the couch.   As soon as he got done eating he sat down and started putting it together as he just could not help himself.    I had a hard time keeping it in but told him halfway through that I knew he would do that.

We watched a movie from 1977 called “Black Sunday”.

It starred Bruce Dern and Marv liked him as an actor from westerns he had watched as a kid.    As Netflix describes the movie:

“America’s Super Bowl comes under terrorist fire when a band of renegade Arabs hatches a plot involving a Goodyear blimp manned by a Vietnam vet.”

Bruce Dern plays the crazy vet that has been brainwashed.    The film and sound quality was far what it is today and it detracted from what was going on and made it hard to follow and would drag in several places and seemed like some things could/should have been edited out to make it more watchable, but interesting to watch from a time capsule perspective.

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