Project 7 Feed the Hungry Sugar Free Peppermint Vanilla Gum

I picked up this packet of gum for $1.49 at Meijer while waiting to check out.  On the back it indicated that each tray of gum provides 7 meals in American communities.

I had to chuckle recalling a jar at a service counter in Scott’s grocery store saying a donation of 50 cents would feed a child for a day and Marv saying to the counter person “They don’t shop here, do they?”.   In reality though I can see if each pack makes $1 profit that it could buy a pound of rice, pasta  or potatoes and stretch a meals at a soup kitchen.

I tried the gum and it is more peppermint than vanilla, sort of reminds me of the white “Chiclets” peppermint gum that I would get as a kid with just a hint of vanilla thrown in.

Project 7  business mission is to sell everyday products, such as sugar-free  gum &  mints, bottled water, clothing and accessories  that give back to seven areas for good around the globe.   

The seven areas are:

Instead of like some businesses, that indicate a percentage of their profits go to help a cause, they instead indicate quantitatively, such as “feed seven people” with the gum that I purchased.   They also have where they give and how much they have given to date on their web page.

There was also another neat thing on the inside of the packet – a “Good Samaritan Card” where it encourages you to do a good deed and pass the card on to the person you have helped to encourage them to help other…sort of a “pay it forward” mentality.


One comment on “Project 7 Feed the Hungry Sugar Free Peppermint Vanilla Gum”

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