“Cornbread, Earl and Me”

“He’s a man, with a plan, basketball in his hand, he’s Cornbread” My co-worker advised there is a new local channel 55.2 that he described as a “Ghetto” version of BET that showed the above movie, a 70’s “blaxspotation” film about a local basketball player and the impact of his death on his 12 year old friend.

While the trailer and song are sort schlocky, with the some of the ominous music making it sound almost like it is a horror film, it is the film debut of  a young Lawerence Fishburne (best known for portraying “Morpheus” in “The Matrix” trilogy) and the storyline and doesn’t look like it would be a bad film.

We were also advised that the channel also shows re-runs of the sitcom “Good Times” with J.J. Walker and his famous tag line “Dynomite!”. Sadly, my TV pre-dates the conversion to HD and I never bought a converter box and I don’t have cable, just Netflix, otherwise I would totally tune in and check out these little gems of 70’s history.


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