Marv’s 56th Birthday

For Marv’s birthday we went to a local chain restaurant, Bandido’s, as they offer $8 off your meal on your Birthday.

The Amish looking young man is growing the beard on a bet.  It is coming in just around the edges of his face, like many young Amish men which earned him the nickname “Jebadiah” where he works.    Don’t let the beard and innocent looking face fool you; he is actually beginning an obscene gesture because he doesn’t like his picture taken, which is why I had to put a frowny sticker over the offending digit.

In the next two pictures Marv claimed that the picture was staring at him and ensued in a staring contest.   Have to be thankful because all he has been through the past few years, he still has a sense of humor (and thankfully, was joking and still has his mental faculties).  Because it was his birthday, we will say he won.


4 comments on “Marv’s 56th Birthday”

  1. can u post this to my facebook page?

  2. I look better in these pictures and I managed to loose 40 lbs.

  3. […] and Marv was surprised to see the picture that had been in the North location that is the last here on this […]

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