Abby Rike, Contestant on Season 8 of “Biggest Loser”

At work to kick off a wellness program had Abby Rike, a contestant on Season 8 of the reality T.V. show “Biggest Loser”.

I had a lot of work to do and was going to skip it, as I am am not a big fan of reality television stars on shows like that trying to cash in on their short lived fame but as our supervisor came over encouraged anyone who has insurance through our company to go, it put the situation in a whole new light so I went.

I had never watched any of the “Biggest Loser” shows so I did not know until I heard her speak that about 8 years ago, she lost her husband, 5 year old daughter and months old baby in a car accident when she was announced by our EVP and even he became choked up.

Abby advised Jillian Michaels is every bit as mean as she is on TV, but it is because she cares.  She described her first fitness (torture) session with her where after much effort she failed, but it made her feel alive again.   (Although personally, I think it  might have just been the endorphins talking from the pain).

Despite all she has been through, Abby was very bubbly and being a teacher with a Master’s degree by trade, she has that teacher-like quality that grabs your attention.

Her first step, “getting out of the car” at the airport to go on the show.  I felt bad for the speaker and all she had to go through to get to where she is today, but happily, she met her future sister-in-law and introduced her to her brother while going to a gym and she is now remarried, but it would not had happened if she had not “gotten out of the car” .


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