Bandido’s Salad at Bandidos South

By: kmom14

Jan 22 2014

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 Bandidos is a local chain restaurant and this is usually what I get, their Bandido’s Signature Salad (currently $6.99) .

It is a basic salad with lettuce, topped with chopped tomatoes and green onions topped with shredded cheddar cheese and Mexican cheese and dress it with their Bandido’s Margarita homemade dressing.  Here it was served in a bowl with a large brim, probably to make it look bigger, but I like it better when it is served on a large plate as the toppings are easier to distribute instead of just being lumped on top with lettuce on the bottom.

If someone at the table orders an entree, they will include complimentary chips and salsa (but not if you just order the salad and a kids meal, at least at the North location and it will be about $5).    I love their chips, but at the South location their salsa is a little overly mild for my taste.  The last time we were there a party at our table asked if they had a hotter salsa, and they do, but it is very hot…if you mix is with the mild it is about just right.

What I like to do is order it also a side of Ranch Dressing and crunch up some of the fresh chips and spoon on some of the salsa.    It is delicious and filling, and was one of few things I could find on the menu when I was a practicing vegetarian.

What I like about the South location is the bright colors and the quirky layout, the waiting area with the long continuous seating if waiting for a table, the different subsections and sitting in a different section give you a different perspective.

The hostess was friendly and accommodating when we requested not to be seated in a booth.  She also thanked us for our business as we were leaving and encouraged us to come back and seemed sincere with a smile, not the “Thank You, Come Again” robot mode.

On this visit service was friendly, but hit and miss on checking back on drink refills and my son was aggravated because it was not that busy, but she did ok with keeping the chips and salsa stocked. Also our waitress brought the check without checking back to see if we wanted dessert.   I had planned on us splitting a serving of fried ice cream as we were there for a birthday.

Our waitress  had to get the manager to confirm the birthday discount and I was disappointed neither she nor the waitress they did not offer to sing and clap as they usually do on birthdays (although I am sure the birthday person was relieved).

Overall it was an okay dining experience and we will continue to visit this location, but with a few small revisions that will cost little to nothing, it could be an exceptional one.

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