“American Mary”

This is an offbeat bloody (pun intended)good film with original subject matter and a few twists starring “Ginger” from “Gingersnaps”, another underrated horror gem, and equally underrated horror actress, Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle as “Mary”.

Mary is a surgery resident student at a hospital and but while her dreams are getting close reality of being broke and needing cash quick just to survive has arrived and she lowers herself to earn some fast cash auditioning at a seedy strip club.

While she is there an incident occurs where she is offered a hefty sum to use her medical expertise to treat an injured man, which she does and she is set for a little while.

Then along comes an exotic dancer that has already altered herself to look like “Betty Boop” and saw her skill at the club that wants her to make her friend into a Barbie doll in every way, which every ethical doctor has turned down for $10,000.

Her mentor/surgeon sees an exchange with the stripper and we learn later he and his friends all have their own seedy side and he assumes she is a prostitute and invites her to a “party” then drugs and rapes her.

Mary drops out of medical school and goes underground with her skills that have traveled by word of mouth to do extreme body modifications that other doctors refuse to do.

But she also decides to exact her revenge…and end the end from another direction, revenge is exacted on her.  There is also a sub-plot of the club owner and his attachment to Mary.

The ending was not what I expected and part of me thinks it could have been a better movie with more focus on just focusing on the revenge aspect and the interaction with her transgressor, but I do have to say the ending was a surprise as it was not what I thought it would be. The movie is currently available on    Netflix


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