I guess I should start by saying that “Pitch Black” is one of my favorite films, so of course that will be my measuring stick here.

This is the third “Riddick” movie and more of a tip of the hat to the first one, “Pitch Black”.    It is a much lower budget movie than the second one, and it looks like most of it was shot on a sound stage using green screen and putting the scenery and CGI effects in after it was shot.

It starts out a little slow, just showing Riddick on sun scorched planet with  caves and interacting with a dog like creature he raised from a pup after being left on the planet for dead.   The dog is a bit too obvious CGI  and comes off looking almost cartoonish.

Flashbacks show Riddick didn’t  embraced his new role as leader of the Necromongers and goes in search of his birth planet, Furia, but he is tricked into being left on this planet.

He happens across a Mercenary (“Merc”) station and he hits an emergency beacon.  Two “Merc” to call a ships show up and he Riddick leave a message on the wall for all to leave in one ship (and he will take the other one) and he will spare them.

The leader of one of the Merc ships, Santana, played by Spanish actor Jordi Molla , who played bad guy “Johnny Tapia” in “Bad Boys II”, brought the same sort of quirky character into this role and is sort of the  comic relief, albeit dark comedy.

The leader of the other ship (Matt Nable) turns out to be the father of the Merc in “Pitch Black” and he is probing Riddick to find out what happened to his son.    While good in the role, he seemed to me to be a little to young to have been John’s father and thought perhaps some makeup and adding gray to his hair would have made him look older.

There are several other characters with distinct personalities, but I didn’t find them to be as well developed as they were in the first movie.

In “Pitch Black” the monsters came out in the darkness, in this movie, they come with the rain.   For the most part the creatures were believable.

There was some nudity in this movie, all of which I thought was unnecessary and even detracted from the story.   It was just like it was thrown in to capture more of a male audience.

There were several  tip of the hats to  the original “Pitch Black”, but it is more action/sci-fi and the original was more of a horror/drama.  Even so, it is a decen action/sci-fi flick, but if you haven’t seen “Pitch Black” I would recommend watching it first to get the subtle references.


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