“Bad Grandpa”

Obvioulsy, this is one that my son picked up because anytime I see “Jackass presents” I chose to skip it as I don’t want to pay to watch men be idiots, but this was not as horrible as I expected it to be.

Like “Borat” parts are scripted with paid actors and the other part is almost a sociological experiment capturing real reactions to uncomfortable situations.

The movie is centered around Billy (Jackson Nicoll) and his “bad” Grandpa (Johnny Knoxville).   Grandma has just died and Billy’s mom drops him off at the funeral as she is a crack addict headed for jail and the hijinks begin there.

On the upsides, Johnny Knoxville’s makeup job is amazing…he is unrecognized.    Also the kid that played Billy was believable in even some of the more outrageous scenes.

To me the best part was at the beauty pageant at the end where ala “Little Miss Sunshine”  the boy’s talent is an inappropriate dance number (although if I were one of the Mom’s in the audience I probably wouldn’t find it amusing at all).

A better movie that I would recommend to watch instead stars both Knoxville and the kid that played Billy that is on Netflix is “Fun Size” where a teen girl loses her kid brother when trick or treating and their quests and adventures during the night that was a little like “Adventures in Babysitting”.



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