Chimchanga at Don Chava’s


 This is a great place to go to meet up with friends and get a good deal on a delicious meal.

Today I met some friends for lunch at Don Chavas, a local Mexican restaurant on Wells Street in Fort Wayne and above is the Chimichanga above for $8.15.

As you can see the portions are generous.  I ordered one with beef chunks but you can order chicken instead.   It is deep fried and  topped with melted cheese and served with sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole and refried beans and rice, but I was able to substitute the beans for double rice.   The rice is not overly tomatoey like some places and is a nice compliment to the other items on the plate, but a little bland on its own.

You are also served complimentary chips and salsa, both made fresh in house.   The salsa is just the right amount amount of heat and it probably more Mexican authentic.

The wait staff is prompt and friendly and the only down side is as it wasn’t busy we sat and visited after paying and it took a while to get refills on our waters.

The atmosphere is fun and colorful with lots of eclectic touches such as some tables embedded with a desert motif and original art work on the walls along with some shaped metal sculptures.

Don Chava's on Urbanspoon

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