Szechuan Beef with Baby Corn from China Express

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I have blogged about China Express before being it is a drive-thru Chinese restaurant with great food with generous portions at a good price and this is no exception.   It is a has fresh carrots, peppers and baby corn with thin slices of beef sautéed in a spicy sauce.

The  Chinese family that operates it understands English well but sometimes speaking it is a little choppy.   I wanted to verify I was ordering the dish that had the baby corn as my son loves baby corn.  

When  I got to the window the order was repeated to verify like they always do, but the man also said something at the end that sounded like “peppycon”  I had to ask him to repeat it a few times and felt awkward as he said it several time and I had to admit I  didn’t understand what he was saying.

He patiently kept trying until it finally hit me he was confirming it was the dish with baby corn.   Boy, did I feel like and idiot.    I really appreciated that he didn’t get snarky like many other drive-thrus where they give you attitude.

I also noticed they had a paper on their window indicating they are open on Christmas Day.   I hate that anyone works Christmas Day, but as they are open it is nice to know I have a Plan “B” like in Christmas Story and I overbaked a ham like I did the Christmas I was working 3rd shift and fell asleep.

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