Caliente Cuban Cafe – treacherous trip to find them closed

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I been past they have a fun colorful front facade I have heard and read good things about it.  I tried calling in around 4:30pm to place an order to go but it no one picked up and it went to the fax machine both times I tried.

I ended up getting in the car and driving across town to find construction on State Street just a block or so west of where they are located and had to take a icy side street that had not been plowed and almost got stuck, but finally parked in back.

There was a sign that there was  door to the “left of the house” that was the entrance, which I am taking to be the back door on the left, but didn’t risk it as it was solid ice and no salt had been put down to make it less slippery.   It would be helpful to have a sign on the back door that it is an entrance to the cafe if it is and the grocery cart and trash can in the walkway make the place look trashy and should be hidden from sight.

As a potential customer of a service industry business, whether it be a restaurant or hair salon, an overlooked aspect is keeping walkways free of snow and ice so it will be easy and safe for me to get to your establishment; if not, I will go elsewhere.

I instead trekked it around the block to try to go in the front entrance navigated through the sidewalk that was barely shoveled at the beginning of the walkway in front of a hair salon but was shoveled but icy in front of the cafe only to find them closed when I arrived at their front door at 5:30pm when their website indicated they were open until 6pm.

I am hoping the closure is not permanent.   The restaurant business is tough one and those  that are successful it is the payoff of a labor of tough love and a lot of hard work.  If they closed early due to lack of customers, it was likely because the phone was not answered and the cafe dangerous to get to.

I am looking forward to trying their food as their menu sounds unique as it sounds delicious, but I will probably wait until Spring to try again.

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