Enchilada Dinner at Mi Parrilla


We checked  out a new local Mexican restaurant off of North Clinton called “Mi Parrilla”.    It looks like their might have been a back banquet room, but up front it was smallish and divided into two sections, each with about a dozen tables and table/booth seating, so it is a more intimate setting than many restaurants.    The decorations with large bright pictures on bright walls, but the tables and chairs darker which gave it a nice contrast.   The overhead lamps had a unique cast to them that made them look artistic.

Their menu is probably the largest I have seen on any Mexican restaurant, which allows for a great variety, but also harder to make a selection.  Also with a larger menus it usually means more pre-made reheated items.  The bright menu with colored lettering was also a little hard to read, but there were many unique variety of things and something probably for just about any taste.

They had complimentary chips and salsa.  The chips were pre-made a little thicken than average, maybe even purchased and lacking salt.   They were ok, with the salsa, but nothing special.    The salsa was fresh and tasted ok, but I prefer mine spicier and chunkier.

I ordered an 3 Enchilada dinner with double rice instead of bean served with sour cream and guacamole (pictures above) and the portions were generous.   The enchiladas were hot on a cold day with a good flavor and texture .   This dish was between $8-$9.

We also got a side of queso – they have two kinds; one sort of sweet and other spicy…we opted for the spicy and it was delicious for around $3.99.

I didn’t have any space for dessert, but sometime want to go back and try their sopopillas, which I haven’t had since I got out of college.

The wait staff was friendly and professional.  Our waitress even had on a hairnet, which is something you don’t see these days, but shows she takes takes her job seriously and takes pride in her work.   Even the other waitress there checked in to make sure everything was ok.

Outside on both side of the entrance are gated areas that could be used for outdoor seating during Summer months if they add table and chairs, and I hope they do as it seems like it would make for a fun dining experience.

 Mi Parrilla on Urbanspoon

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