“Walking Dead”

TWD-S4-1600x1200-BWe have gotten hooked on watching  “Walking Dead” on Netflix where they have Seasons 1 through 3.

It is more of a character driven drama than a horror series, but there is the gross special effects and bloody violence that comes with most any zombie show, so obviously not suitable for children.

One thing that is refreshing it is not predictable and you really don’t know who might become the next victim of the plague; not even “main” characters are safe.

Our favorite characters have been Dale, the wise old man and Daryl, a redneck with hunting and tracking skills and despite a tough exterior probably has the biggest heart.

We also like agile sword wielding tough as nails Michonne; she doesn’t say a lot but speaks volumes by the way she carries herself and give you looks that seem like they alone could kill you.   Of course there is the almost reluctant leader former police officer, Rick who means well but constantly in conflict over something.    There is also Glenn, who is quick and sharp former pizza delivery boy and Andrea, the former attorney, who can fish, hunt and kill zombies with the best of them but her man picker is definitely broken.

Ones we don’t care so much for of course are the bad guys, Shane, Rick’s former partner, the Governor, which gives off charisma and creepy at the same time and written to be the villains,  but also not a fan of Lori’s, Rick’s wife and mother to his son, Carl.   She is a terrible mother – on more than one occasion Carl has wandered off for a long time and she doesn’t even realize he is missing.   It isn’t like she has anything better to do.   There is also Carol,  who allowed herself to be battered by her husband and didn’t even bother to look for her own daughter when she went missing.

If you have Netflix and like horror/drama it is worth checking out.

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