“Santa Stop Here” Reindeer Decoration

santa stop here

I was with my sister-in-law Missy at a craft sale at the Coliseum with my niece Trina and (and was pregnant in Kyle but did not find out until a few weeks later) and we stopped the above decoration and Missy talked me into buying it, saying it would last for years and if you divided it up over the potential life of the item, the $22.50 cost was minimal and it would be creating a tradition.

When I brought him home Marv was so mad that I had wasted that much money on something so frivolous, but I used the above argument and I could tell by the look in his eye he was going to use this to justify buying a small tool and then spring it on me, but he has been well worth as he was put out for a dozen or more years, and I think of Missy of every time I see him.   Tragically, she was killed in an auto accident September 1994.

Parts have fallen over the years; I guess you could call him Rudolph the amputee  reindeer as he is missing both arms and a hoof and there is only one stocking hanger peg on his antlers.  When I found him when cleaning out stuff a few weeks ago his head and antlers were off and got out the Gorilla Glue and put him back together as best I could.

I need to to put him up for next Christmas, but for a little while I will keep him out as his proclaming with alacrity “Santa Stop Here” with such a cheery expression brightens my day.

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