The Hideous Hospital Shirt

Picture 934The good Lord knows I am more of a “Glamour Don’t” than a “Glamour Do” these days, but I think the only thing that annoys me more than the hideous hospital shirt is that metro-sexual aqua t-shirt underneath.   The look, especially with the out of nowhere orange contrast binding at the neck, combined with the razor stubble goes a little beyond the “I don’t give a care how I look, take me for who I am” rebel  and borders on “I’m just on furlough from rehab” or “I’ve just escaped from psychiatric facility”.

When I asked him why he was wearing the tacky hospital shirt in public, and not restricting it strictly to an around the house strictly as a nightie garb as it should be,  he excitedly uddered “The pockets!    Its got a pocket here, another one here and one on the inside, oh an one here”    It really did have a lot of pockets.   I can see how that would be useful if you are a guy.   I know I would be lost without all the stuff in my purse.

So I have made a mental note to self that once I file my taxes and get my refund check, I am to head to the the nearest thrift store, pick up a few decent looking shirts and sew a boatload of coordinating or hidden pockets on them to give to him so I won’t have see or been seen with those shirts again.

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