Taco Bell’s XXL Steak Nachos

nachosConsidering this cost nearly $7 after tax ($5.99 + .48 tax)  and I could have an entire meal for just a few dollars more at many local Mexican sit-down restaurants, this was very disappointing.

It is touted to Tortilla chips piled with refried beans (which I opted out of, but it would not have saved this menu option) topped with a lots of steak, warm nacho cheese sauce, a blend of three cheeses, guacamole, pico de gallo, reduced-fat sour cream.

Obviously, it is not as attractively arranged it is on the their website, which I can understand…it is fast food.

What I have a harder time swallowing, literally, are the skimpy toppings and the lack of flavor.   There was about a teaspoon of guacamole and even a little less than that of the sour cream, six pieces of tomato that was representing the pico de gallo, and maybe a dozen shreds of the “three cheeses”.

Their chips were fresh and crisp, but the nacho cheese tasted like it was out watered down and out of jar or can (and probably is).   The steak bits had no seasoning and despite their dark well done appearance, seemed mushy.

I recommend skipping this menu item entirely and if you want something similar but with some flavor, try one of their taco salads with seasoned ground beef and rice and pay extra for some guacamole.

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